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Sooo, I managed to break this game in less than 2 minutes. The world outside of the roof was incredibly cool looking, and I was scared by audio more than visuals. I would recommend a setting allowing the sensitivity to be changed though. 

Thank you for playing my game! Yup on my next game 'Trials' I added mouse sensitivity settings. Check it Out!

Played at 17:08. Your game beat me but I enjoyed it. 

Check out my video.

Had a lot of fun playing this! The atmosphere and tension build up are great and the scares really got me! You did a good Job!

Thank you so much for playing! Subscribe for more! New game coming real soon.

I enjoyed your game thanks and i hope to see more from you soon :)

Thank you! Yes more to come real soon, subscribe to stay tuned!

I tried playing last night, couldn't grab the key that was on the couch in one of the rooms upstairs.

me either lol


I dunno what that monster is but dang it is creepy AF

Ключ можно взять только под определенным углом

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I was 💩 my pants with this game! Great job the atmosphere was so creepy and so were the creatures, and even some predictable jump scares will scare you😱. AMAZING job I enjoyed the game and hope you enjoy watching my video! We are currently a small growing community on YouTube consider Subscribing to join the family🙌🏼!

Love the video! Thanks for playing! Subscribe for more!

Definitely followed you homie I’m excited what you make next! Keep up the good work and I’m glad you enjoyed the video I enjoyed your game🙌🏼! 

This game was pretty fun, was not expecting the ending though! Your game is the first one up! 


Funny video! Glad I was able to scare you a bit! Subscribe for more!

Haha oh yeah you did! Aight bet! 

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Eerie house in the middle of seemingly nowhere, filled with creepy crawlers,not bad at all. Played it with a couple other scary games :)

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wow wow!

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In a creepy house where something does not seem right...I must find the keys and escape the horrors around every corner....But there is a PROBLEM, there is more than one of them...Will I make it out and survive the horrors???? Find out in this video...

What a great little game. I had a great time playing this. It had a very scary atmosphere....The jump scares were freaky as hell. Thank you for making this.... Hope to see more from you in the future.

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This was a creepy game. I enjoyed it. Great job! 

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Try grabbing it from a distance, not too close:(

I suggest fix the raycast ;)

Had a lot of fun playing this! The atmosphere and tension build up are great and the scares really got me! You did a good Job! (: 

enjoyed your video! Thanks for playing!

This is really good. It's a short but it's really creepy and it got me good with those jumpscares. Nice Job!

Thank you so much for playing! Glad To have scared you! Subscribe for more!

welp....all I can say is this game made me jump more than I'd care to admit 

Also don't care to admit that I damn near threw my mouse across the room when one of the jumpscares got me lol

great job dev team you damn near made a grown man shit himself haha in all seriousness great job look forward to more 

Itchio community love yall, support has been amazing from my fellow horror lovers in the comment section

Stay safe and Stay positive 


Love the video! Thanks for playing, subscribe for future games!

Short and sweet but I will admit I jumped a lot thank you for making this!

Nice video! Glad you liked it, thank you for playing!

Just a bug report, if you decide to follow the first gremlin underneath the staircase you can phase through the stairs and get stuck on the grass bit, noticed that less then a minute into playing the game lol

lol yes, been seeing that a lot on the videos. Thank you for reporting it and for playing!

Pretty damn cool. It's a short one but it creeped me the hell out and got me good a few times haha. Thanks!


Nice video! glad I was able creep you out! follow for more!

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Cool video! thanks so much for playing! follow for more!

Welp, those little creepers got me once :D

Thank you for playing! gotta stay away from those monsters! follow for future games

Not too bad, I liked the floating houses and you could even see the creatures crawling on them, good work :)


Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Follow for more!

Great game! I like your creature.

Thanks so much for playing!

This was really good. I wanted to be that, but I died. I think I almost got there though. I really liked the creature. Also the atmosphere music was spot on. Really cool.  

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If you're going to have literally nothing in your game, at least make your own monster...

Loved the bit of atmosphere towards the end and the monsters are pretty good as well!

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for making it!

Some jumps and scares happened here tonight, and that's what I come for!

Enjoyed your video! Thank you for playing!

Not a bad little game, Music really added to the spookiness. Good work

“are these houses made of helium?” So funny lol, thanks for playing! follow for future games!

Short but not bad. Ran into some bugs like getting stuck on something when trying to go through some of the doorways. Overall, not bad though. Made a video on it.


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This game are so great, its make me shock in the last part!!! Watch it... and i recom to every  to who lke real horror game!!!! :)))

lol thank you so much, I’m glad you liked it! Follow me for future games.

Oh my. You actually got me a couple of times.Check out the video (third game).

So funny! Thanks for playing! Really appreciate it, more to come!

 good game

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for playing!

I liked the game for being simple but still kind of scary even if it was short, it would be cool to see more crazy things like the floating buildings lol


Lol loved the video, so funny, yes will definitely be exploring more of the 'floating buildings' on a continuation of this game. Thanks for playing! much appreciated

i love your game

Thank you! thanks for playing, more to come

Nice short game.

Thanks so much for playing the game! loved the commentary!

Thanks for watching!